16/11 Epsom 4’s Won (oops should be Epsom 4’s 1 : Kenley 2’s 3)

AndrewM Match reports, Men's 4th xi

Club politics fully in force this week, with the team changing quicker than Maj in the showers (OK so anything is quicker than this, but it changed quite rapidly during the week). Anyway off to a home game vs Kenley, who were in similar mid-table position to us, albeit had arguably played the higher end of the league thus far.  Not our best game and the first half definitely either won by Kenley, or more accurately lost by Epsom with notable events in the first half being Kenley scored twice, fielded 12 umpires (but only one in yellow had the whistle), and whilst they put in some crunching tackles, did not like it when they got it back at them. At one point Luke was totally flattened by another of their shoulder barges, and surely it was an Epsom free hit and a Kenley card? – but no, this was deemed a Kenley free hit – and so it went on. To be fair, a hard game and some good hockey did occasionally break out. So 2-0 it was at half time.

Undeterred, we battled hard in the second half, and came back strong with some good attacking runs, albeit sometimes the forwards were isolated, with the midfield battling at all levels of the park and struggling to attack in numbers. Kris managed to battle the ball into their D and provide a great assist (or at least he claims as such) to man of the moment Dan, who scored a great goal to get us back to 2-1.  Should be noted this is Dan’s 3rd goal in 3 games for Epsom, and let’s hope he keeps this momentum up.  Kris then managed to defend a hit, which flicked up and into the head of the Kenley right wing. Indeed there were a couple of accidents and unfortunate incidents which ended up with Kenley having one player with a rather large swelling on his forehead, and another Kenley player reappearing with a nappy round his head. But he did play quite well despite the nappy, so assume it was a good snug fit.

Now, it has been later reported that Matt Smith had an incident with one of their players, and came out with a swear word so bad, so despicable and so awful, that I cannot possibly repeat it here – but perhaps I could if only we had a code system….. Anyway you will have to ask him yourself.  Unfortunately Kenley scored again in the second half, and they came away with the win, 3 points and now sit above us in the league.

Teas back at Epsom were a huge success, with a great turnout (Matt clearly still too angry to be allowed near any alcohol, women or children), and the 4’s got stuck into bar duty, whilst watching England lose to NZ in Rugby – OK so it was very quiet, Neil needed little help but we were there in case an inflow of customers appeared – but didn’t.  Man of Match – considered Dan for a goal each week (and would be well deserved), but for me Kris was the man of the match controlling the game and setting up Dan for his goal (or did Mazza score?).   TFC is becoming boring as is our short corner routine, and whilst I should give TFC to perhaps Andy for passing the ball directly between me and Jack, to me for assuming Jack had it, to Jack for assuming I had it; but quite unfairly I will nominate Nick Cheyne, for clearly missing the telepathy and the sheer cunning nature of our short corner that he was not quite ready to receive the push out by Andy – admittedly whilst he was standing on the half way line with their equally bemused attacking line.  Tough game next week vs. Croydon, but we are maintaining a hard fought mid-league position.