Change in formation rewards the 5s

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

It was about time that we started living up to our former selves.  The 5’s of yesteryear were sharper, deadlier and far less forgiving of the opposition, and it was refreshing to get a taste of that on Saturday.  Whilst ball speed and general passing was rather poor, we managed to take the chances which came to us, hence the 6-1 victory.  It has to be said though, Tuck in goal was a real saving grace, narrowly missing out on the MOM to the skipper, Carlos.  MOM had to come sooner or later to the skipper, who has easily wrapped up the most game time in the season thus far; it is merely a matter of stats – in fact, on conversation last night, Carlos mentioned that he does sub-a-boot himself (that’s substitute to you and I; and no, that’s not his accent coming through, but merely the fact that the word substitute isn’t even in his vocabulary – I once got a glimpse on the Oxford English Dictionary in his house, and whilst making a point of looking up the word, I noticed that it had been blacked out in permanent marker!)  Joking aside, Carlos scored on of the finest goals I’ve ever seen.  Mention has to go to Chris White who set up the “tee-off” from Carlos.  That was the 5th goal.  The final goal was another beaut from Nick P on the usual short corner routine.

Goal one came from Adam, a lovely piece of skilled, controlled stick-work on the post, saw him open the floodgates.  Number two was from Grant “I’ll hit the post no matter what” Faber.  Off the keeper, onto the post and over the line.  The 3rd came from me, the fifth shot in a number of rebounds off the keeper…stressing the importance of picking up the 50/50 ball.  That saw us 3-0 at the half, Carlos scoring his 1st of two to open the second half.

The combination of Chris White and Dave Pike in the middle with three up front worked really well – yes three up front Chris Breeze (it includes me).

It would seem that the midfield are also getting a real taste for scoring, except for Dave/Dave-o/David (South African Dave), who, it transpires, is scoring off the field…rumour has it, its none other than Adam’s sister (keeping it in the team, I like it!!!)

Well done boys, have an awesome Christmas break!