5’s continue winning form

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

So the Epsom 5’s turned up to sunny Therfield raring to go after their victory against the 6’s!

After the usual very quick team talk for Carlos, we took our places on the pitch, and ready to go!

The first quarter of the game was a very even affair, with both teams having periods of possessions and pressure, one passage of play for us was a nice break up the pitch (this became a common sight in this match!).

There were some nice 1-2s and Dave Pike was in the D. He found himself 1 on 1 with the keeper! Having had a quick look up he spotted one of his team mates (me) in an open position, so he selflessly passed it around the keeper so that is was an open goal. All I had to do was guide it in to the goal! This turned out to be harder than it sounds as the ball somehow passed under my stick and towards the backline. Realising that an unforgivable miss was occurring I scurried after the ball and stopped it going out of play! Having gathered it up again I tried to get it back in to Dave for him to finish! Unfortunately the opponents defence had got back by then, and was it defended to safety! 1st reason I’m writing this report!.

Having re grouped but still cursing my luck, we found ourselves on the break (down the right) again! I received the ball and beat their left back to be in on the D, after some nice stick work (I think it was). I had got my self in on the keeper 1 on 1. I went round him giving myself another open goal, i lost control again (because it was at such speed), and it went towards the back line again and the same thing occurred as before! 2nd reason I’m writing this report!

After some great passing we were able to slot the ball home, after a little scuffle in front of the goal, Chris White the scorer 1-0 to Epsom.

Aldershot then pushed off and went on the attack. They had a period of pressure, which was thought to be over when a 16 hit was given, Nick Pain calmly took the ball, and set himself to do his usual crack up the pitch. But no, maybe he heard a call or there was no one free, no one will know but he preceded to try and pass the ball across the pitch. this was then intercepted by the Aldershot attacker and he had and easy finish to bring the game level 1-1.

We regrouped how ever and continued our aggressive pressure, which resulted in another break this time down the left of the pitch utilising some nice triangles between Grant, Carlos and Darron. The D was breached and shots were taken, many were saved but it finally fell at the feet of Darron, who calmly slotted it in to the bottom right corner! 2-1 Epsom!

The game settled down for a while after that as half time was approaching, Epsom decided however to give it one final push down the right! I received the ball from a lovely early pass from Oli, and proceeded to beat the left back again! having cocked up the last couple of break i had been involved in earlier i had a look to see who i could off load to! After a quick glance i saw Carlos was at the top of the D and Darron was coming in to the back post! The only problem was they were being closely marked! I made the quick decision to put the ball on the central defenders foot, who had come to block my passes off! Short Corner! With a sigh of relief I walked to the top of the D and consulted with the team that we would give the ball to Nick Pain, to carry out his usual clinical shot into the bottom corner of the goal. Darron got himself set for a nice hard injection, which he duly did! Nick received the ball and did what was planned and slotted it into the bottom right of the goal! 3-1 to Epsom!


After the usual quick halftime talk from Carlos we formed up again and braced ourselves for the Aldershot backlash that we believed inevitable! But it never came! We carried on absorbing the pressure in the back and breaking at pace down the left and right in numbers. We had many breaks but only 2 resulted in goals! Both of which were from Darron!

We played some of our best TEAM hockey against Aldershot! With noticeable performances from Carlos (who seems to have decided he like passing now). Dave Pike (MoM) and Chris White putting another solid performance in the midfield! And our backs combining to absorb the pressure and only letting in one goal from one silly mistake!

All in all a great game and a well deserved win!

Onwards and Upwards for Reigate this weekend! and i promise to remember my scoring stick this week!