5’s continue winning run

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

So we all arrived at Therfield on a very cold windy day! It was a rematch against the young Cheam side that beat us 4-2 before Christmas!

As it was so cold most of us decided to do just a little warm up and stay in their tracksuits for as long as possible! So will little to no warm up we all got into our positions and it began. Cheam started hard with a constant period of pressure which our consistently solid defence absorbed the onslaught! from a 16 the ball was fed up the left and a break was on with Nick and Darron supplying nice balls up the left we comfortable caught Cheam on the break and got in to the box but shot missed! but a bright look at our break potential!

Another nice defensive manoeuvre by Nick C and the ball was loosed up the left again with the forwards and Chris in midfield pushing up on the break! After a bit of passing Darron got the ball and proceeded to put it in the bottom left corner to open the scoring! 1-0 to Epsom

Again Cheam came on hard using there overly confident midfield but to no avail, it was broken down and the forwards set off again on the break! the ball was taken to the left corner and then slipped back to nick who smashed the ball goal wards for Carlos to get a little touch on it and put it between the keepers legs! 2-0 to Epsom.

Half time came and Cheam were showing signs of breaking under the onslaught that was the Epsom counter attack!

the second half started with Cheam yet again pushing hard and our defence absorbing it! this time a break down the right, where i dribbled in the the top of the D flanked by Cheam defenders and faced with a keeper coming out to meet me, i attempted to lift the ball over his legs in to the back of the net but this was not to be, i caught it badly and it went into his feet. to which it was then pointed out to me there were other attackers to my side. but with the defenders either side of me i didn’t feel i could have made a successful pass! TFC vote!

but again another break down the left found Darron in on the D took a shot which the keeper saved and failed to sweep it clear and nick C arrived to calmly slide it under him to take the score to a comfortable 3-0 to Epsom

the game settled down for a bit this now. after about 10 minutes of back and forth the Cheam attackers took the ball to our right corner, the attack was then tackled by nick P onto his feet but this wasn’t spotted and he quickly pushed the ball to the top of the D where where older midfielder was waiting and slotted passed Tuck (who had stopped everything else)! 3-1!

Cheam now looking despondent  at how they were being taken apart by our counter attacking seemed to fall asleep again at the back with a long hit sent up the pick that their central defender took too long to clear, so i charged in to steal it off him mid down swing! he hen proceeded to barrel me over giving a free hit! this was taken quickly and pushed to Darron who broke in to the D, took a powerful strike which the keeper half saved, it trickled under his legs for Carlos to calmly pick up and poke in to the open goal 4-1 to Epsom

a good game from all and great saves from Tuck to Keep us in it Chris lucking not to get TFC for the yellow because again i supposedly missed an easy goal