5s end season 3rd

AndrewM Match reports, Mens 5th XI

The season is over, the 5’s are victorious once again.  All hail the triumphant Heros.  With 3 goals our strikers have shown their skill once again.

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this game (apart from the obvious grandstanding)…  Reigate put out a good side and it showed in the two goals they scored.  However, right from the start Epsom were doing well, with two goals from Carlos and Matt.  Unfortunately we then decided we didn’t need to put any more effort in, and it took a couple of near misses to wake us up again.  Carlos did manage a second goal (I’m not sure he realised it was actually a shot) with a gentle tap that everyone thought was harmless until it hit the backboard.

Going into the second half Reigate managed to score a couple of hotly disputed goals, dispite a valliant defense from Tucky, Dave E, Nick P, Caggers, and Graham.  It was roughly at this point that there was a rather disappointing moment where both sides showed they could have been more sporting, but things seemed to settle down again pretty quickly.  The game finished with some quite intense back and forth play, both sides nearly scoring another goal, in particular Daren who beat the opo keeper and was 2 feet away from scoring, only to miss his opportunity.

All in all, not our best game, but we still came out on top and as I understand it, we have managed to finish the season in 3rd place behind the 6s.  Well done to everyone (except me obviously, I got TFC…) and on a personal note, thank you for a great, fun season.