Club Challenge – Feb Fitness

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Lockdown is proving challenging for everyone. Let’s keep active and start to get fit, ready for when we can return to hockey. This month (or any in fact!) join the Club Challenge – Feb Fitness. As we all know fitness is ongoing so this post is more than that, it’s a resource for fitness ideas for us all to keep active. Forever!

Fitness Apps

Epsom HC Club Challenge - Feb Fitness. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

The hard part is starting. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! There are a number of apps available (aren’t there always?!) to help you start, plan and achieve your fitness goals. At time of writing (Feb 2021) there are plenty of apps offering free trials and all kinds of exercises to help wiht your wellbeing and fitness plan. Sharing is caring so please let us know if you have other favourites that have helped motivate you to be on fire and kickstart that fitness frenzy!

  • 7 minute workout
  • Fiit (for Sky viewers)
  • Fitbit Premium
  • Peloton
  • PureGym
  • Strava (join Epsom Sports Club Cycle Club)
  • Map My Fitness (challenge your teammates on steps or number of activities over a month)

We’re all in this together and you’re all competitive. Be great and start that fitness challenge!

Challenge Yourself

Epsom Hockey Club Fitness Challenge set by personal trainer Nicola Peaty. Video available on YouTube. Search Nicola Peaty Fitness.

We’re lucky to have some amazing members with more than just hockey skills! During the lockdowns we have called on a couple of personal trainers to help with hockey related fitness ideas. Remember the ‘Stay in, work out with Gemma’ sessions? Check out her activities at anytime on her YouTube channel.

Most recently Nic Peaty has provided us with a Club Fitness Challenge for all the family. Take time to watch the video on her YouTube channel. Nic provides us with a series of hockey specific exercises with different target levels, but most importantly it’s all about pushing yourself and smashing your targets. Have a go, and another go. Challenge yourself in the comfort of your own home. Please make sure you warm up and stretch!

Thank you to both Gemma and Nic for helping and inspiring us to keep active especially when we’ve been restricted to our homes in lockdown.

We’re social. Epsom Hockey Club is also on YouTube. Head to our channel for our Hockey at Home videos (provided by junior members), Walking Hockey drills and more. We subscribe to hockey related channels which you can easily reach via our channel.

Team Marathon

A fantastic lockdown boredom buster for all. Ex-member Matt Heal has challenged the hockey family to come together and, as a team, complete a marathon! Initiated by Guildford HC Pilgrims, we suspect this will be ongoing as more teams join in and others compete for top spot. At time of posting Epsom HC have eight entries. Our M3s lead the way (2hrs 55mins 56 secs) with our M1s just behind (2hrs 57mins 27secs) lying in 5th and 6th overall. Excellent efforts from our L1s, BU14s (two teams), BU14 coaches/parents. Plus our Embers (040s) and M2s who have both entered twice, improving each time!

The team marathon challenge is simple and a great way to achieve team goals. Get together as a team and run 2.4 miles each. Enter your top 11 times and post your total time on social media, ensuring you tag @FOCancer and @EpsomHC when you do!

Not only is this is a fab way to get fit for hockey it’s also “a great way to help raise awareness of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. We all have husbands, wives, dads, mums, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties, friends etc. 1-7 men will be effected by prostate cancer and 1-8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The chances of us knowing someone are high, so a little knowledge can only help.” (@FOCancer)

You can follow Foxtrot Oscar Cancer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s a non-profit organisation founded by Healy, giving cancer the middle finger by raising awareness through sport, healthy living and positive attitudes. #sportbeatingcancer

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