Epsom 4’s Win Again ! 3-0 vs Trinity 19/10

AndrewM Match reports, Men's 4th xi

The mighty Epsom 4’s (OK so a bunch of middle aged guys and some kids) roll on, and this week against Trinity.  More new additions to the team, with Jack B (good game and welcome) stepping in for Jack R and not to be confused with Jack D who was available and played. Are you still with me, anyway if you can’t remember a player’s name, calling either Jack or Rob is a pretty safe bet.

Into the game, and a great first half full of passion, pace and well strangely for us goals. Even our short corners were working (#trainingworks) and after the first attempt was blocked by the keeper, Andy Adams stepped up and flicked it past the keeper into the goal – what, we scored from a short corner and a flick! Great persistence from Rob Maslin (aka road runner), and all I could see was a ginger streak and a strange beep-beeping noise as he flew by, round to the baseline and cracked one across the goal for Rob S (as before if you hit in the D at pace a good chance one of the two Robs or three Jacks should be there to collect), to collect the ball and deflect straight into the goal. 2-0 up and looking good.  Finally Ross, who just has to be one of the hardest working players in the team (and interestingly is called neither Rob or Jack), juggled the ball up and cracked in a dream of a goal. However according to our ever alert captain (aka Captain email) it was a lucky bounce and just an OK goal.

Three nil up at half time, and we had this game in our grasp. We knew it, Trinity knew it, and surely we could not throw it away – and we didn’t.

Wont bore you with the second half, as it was just not as interesting as the first, but was a close affair with some good Trinity attacks, thwarted by Captain Email on the line, and again by Kris (good to have you back), some good attacks by Epsom, albeit we failed to convert our chances.

At least, our short corners were actually looking quite decent and on better days, we will convert some. Should also mention Maj’s diving /sliding /dynamic tackle.  OK, so I should mention it, but strangely only Maj remembers it happening so I can’t really expand on what happened but sure it was great. And I suppose should also make mention of my flick from a ridiculous angle, that unlike last weeks poor attempt, flew a bit too well – got the angle perfect and it was a sure goal, but missed the crossbar by millimetres (or if you are one the middle-aged players less than ¼ inch) and sailed up up and away over the crossbar and I think ended up somewhere in Motspur Park.

Now, a great result and 3-0 is a good win, and we will take all the wins we can. Yes we could have done better, but we feel like a team, play like a team and even had 8 or perhaps 9 players back for Teas.  And we approved the cheese pasties, which were kindly cooked by Chef Chris to the winning team.

Kinda, feels like a team spirit is building, and the 4’s will become an envious squad to join. Great game guys, now up to 5th position in the league and onto Surbiton next week. And for those in the know, I need to find a new word for next week…………..