Epsom Mens 4’s 5/10/2013 : 5-3 down to Leatherhead 1’s

AndrewM Match reports, Men's 4th xi

The facts :-

  • Epsom scored 5 goals
  • Leatherhead scored 3 goals
  • Final score somehow – we lost 5-3 (doh)
  • We converted no short corners, but had 9 attempts
  • We had our best participation  is after match tea’s – great effort guys
  • Maj donated Cheyne’s dinner to a feeding mother (and some may call this an own goal – what another one we here you cry?)
  • Maj took 10 minutes longer than anyone else in the showers – what does he do in there ?
  • Andy Adams managed to collect all his belongings from the pitchside, and so we think his dementia may show signs of improvement.

Usually a game of 2 halves, but today was a game of one quarter when we were just brilliant, we totally dominated the game, played some really good hockey, looked like winners and had the game wrapped up; and then the other 3 quarters where it was more even sided but Leatherhead just finished better than us.

First goal was a well worked team effort starting from the back, down the right and a tidy finish from Rob S – found out later this was surprisingly his first goal in men’s hockey – ever. Well div1 is a good place to start scoring, and great goal Rob.

Rengger junior was keen to score a blinder from a reverse strike, and sort of achieved this – at least he went round the keeper and swept it in reverse, whilst the keeper decided to take Jack out and end up with Jack’s stick stuck under his kit, and the ball in the goal.

2-0 up and looking good……

I won’t bother describing the Leatherhead goals partly because it’s boring, and also because I just can’t remember them all – but I do recall that Maj seemed to be distracted in our D, and I think he was occupied with his phone typing up yet another team email to us all, forgot there was a game on and when he looked up the ball deflected off his stick and straight into our own goal. Now lets not blame Maj, and please lets all forget this one error.

Anyway, not wanting us to score the only ‘own goals’, Rengger senior (the older, fatter and slower one) wobbled up from right back smashed with amazing force the ball into the D (Ok so I hit it) and it bounced off a Leatherhead defender and into the net for our 3rd goal. And yes I am claiming this as a goal……

So score bounced around from 2-0 up (hooray) to 2-2, back to 3-2 with Epsom on top again.

Relying on our captain, Maj did later watch the ball go under his stick (some claim he touched it – for his second own goal?) and into our goal again.

And not to let Maj feel isolated, Jamie also managed a wonderful sweep into the goal, albeit at the wrong end.

So we ended up scoring at least 5, but losing 5-3. Honest answer it was a close game, we were unlucky not to come away with some points, but can and should take a lot of positives from the game.

Great game from all, and especially the youngsters of Jack, Jack, Rob and Jamie. And good game from Nick C – welcome to the 4’s.

Goal scorers (in the right end)

  • Rob Sydenham
  • Jack Rengger
  • Steve Rengger


Goal scorers (in the wrong end)

  • Maj
  • Maj – possibly ?
  • Jamie