Hat-trick of wins

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

So, write it in A&E you said; request fulfilled. Why me, one can only guess?!? It sucks, I’m going to be here for ages and might even miss the Springbok game (do you think the NHS has Sky on the TV overhead which is currently showing patient care programmes…six steps to safer surgery to be exact!


Ok, so the hockey; just call us Epsom Men’s ‘making hard work of it’ 5’s. As with last week, we dominated for most of the game, but us forwards have this ridiculous notion of wanting to smash the plastic off of the ball, and a (seemingly) blatant inability to look up in the D. Shots were slightly closer on target this week, but we just couldn’t capitalise. Midway through the 1st half, my left eye socket met with the keeps helmet as he scurried back towards the goal having been beaten by someone (how am I to know?). Grant put the ball in the back of the net, but I had stupidly raised my stick above my head in the D to try and score…then I was on the floor.


Much of the play in the middle was pretty smooth, but we were crippled by unforced errors; passes that just couldn’t find our own men.


The second half saw us continue the level of domination, but still we struggled to dominate. The ref overlooked a good few short corners which would have played I. Our favour, but none-the-less, enter Grant who cleared up a rather scrappy situation to put us in the clear. We worked hard for only one goal, but we’ll take the win.


Well done to Dave Pike for a well-deserved MOM.