Ladies 3rd XI vs Woking – 11.10.14

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Taaa dahhhhhh


Seen through my eyes, Rachie (by the way, I had to write the match report because I didn’t score, harsh I know).

First half, confidence seemed to be up this week and we drove forward in a more attacking manner, calling, supporting, delivering short passes and looking more like a team.
We pressed, we broke down play, we attacked and defended far better this week enabling us to get on the score sheet early on. The goal came from an open play attack, allowing Lindsey to strike and score from a tight angel. The lead up to the goal was a mixture of calm and controlled play from the Epsom defence with everyone giving it their all to create space and drive forward. It worked. 1-0 up, then a teensy little error resulted in Woking levelling the score past Swighty’s steamed up mask just before the half time whistle.

Half time, we had a nice chin wag and discussed some politics…then decided the game plan was to attack, keep up the confidence, pass and keep communicating.

2nd half, slightly wobbly start as Woking had their push back and were breaking down our play and pressing us more than the 1st half. They took control of the game in the first 10 minutes, but Epsom kept calm heads (although at times it probably looked pretty frantic on pitch at times, I know)! The play was finally broken down and driving at Woking seemed to be the obvious answer, as well as our quick passes. This strategy worked for us as the 2ndgoal came from mid field (er me) out to the right to Tilly (who I’ll give the assist to)! Til’s picked up the ball in space, whipped around a few players and drove the ball into the D, connected with Lindsey, goal 2 bam!

There were several other opportunities in the D that were saved by the Woking keeper (damn her nimbleness) and we had numerous shorts that were not converted, but if we keep practising and working on these, the goals will come.

There were several key players that stood out for me in this game and depending where you stand n pitch you may/may not notice them; Collette (never lacking in the 110% I’m not giving up department). Marnie really stood out in her super solid defence and sheer determination to not back down and lose. Emma was the skilful yet cool as a cucumber player distributing the ball out of the danger zone. Whilst Bethan covered acres of space, forcing errors from Woking, man marking/zonal marking attacking, defending and generally being too quick and annoying for Woking. If I didn’t mention you, I am certain that I will, if I ever have to write another team report.

Lastly, we won 2-1

Well done team / Rachie x