Men’s 4 Lose out to Woking (0-3)

AndrewM Match reports, Men's 4th xi

Pretending that we were on a winning streak we turned up on time to face Woking, whom whilst we had beaten them in the friendlies, would undoubtedly be a different team this time round. Actually most players turned up on time, but for Captain Email who was installing wider broadband to cope with the volume of pre-match commentary and was unexpectedly delayed (again).

Anyway, on with the game. A reasonably even first half, with both teams looking a bit rusty, a number of players walking or running the ball off the sideline for no apparent reason and this was starting to look like a typical Epsom/Woking drawn out battle. First half we probably had the better chances and a handful of shots on goal (OK so some of mine were bad, but some would have been great goals on other weeks) but their keeper was alive to all, and indeed was playing like Gandalf – not the grey old wizard bit, but the “none shall pass” me bit. So 0-0 at half time and anyone’s games.

Nothing much changed in the second half, and we sort of turned up, played a bit of hockey, and Woking were to be fair – very similar. Highlights being me missing a few more, Andy Adams hitting his head on the football 5-a-side crossbar, and then swiping their player off his feet and into the side line, Mr Pringle running the ball to the side, stopping and then walking it out (?), Mazza following suit with a speedy run off the side line, and it was all looking a bit rubbish.

The teams were evenly placed and a close battle ensued, albeit they scored 3 goals of varying quality and we had plenty of opportunities to score 3 back, but for Gandalf in goal denying us at every turn. Eventually Jack nut-megged the keeper and the ball was going in, but it was rolling at about 2 mph, and after several minutes it nearly crossed the line, but for their defender knocking it away. It was going to be one of those days…..

So, a close game, and man of the match was definitely their keeper, and indeed we struggled to find a vote for ourselves – but should mention that Matt Smith was his usual reliable and effective self, and a great game by Mark Pilling commanding the defence and putting a good game in. TFC could have been many of us, but think a self-nominated vote shared between Rob Pringle, Mazza, me and Maj (because he was not there afterwards to defend himself) is about right.  But great to be released on Saturday’s to meet up with you guys, a bit of hockey occasionally broke out, some beers drunk, and overall Woking deserved to win today. Next week a bigger challenge vs the unbeaten league winners Croydon.    Keep smiling.   Steve.