Mens 4’s – narrowly miss out to lead leaders Purley – lost 2-1

AndrewM Match reports, Men's 4th xi

Tough game this week, up against inform team Purley, and with the leaders seeking revenge on our 1-0 win earlier in the season.

Interestingly, and unusual for us we had some welcome supporters in the guise of Mrs Heath + family, and Mrs Catton + family (who if you watched the game –  we lost; but if you were distracted by the kids, then please listen to Kris and Harry – when they will advise you how totally awesome we were and we actually won about 4-0).

Time for me to relax a bit as well, as we also had Jack D and Chris Dendy watching from the warm comfort of Dendy’s new babe magnet (his car), and kindly wrote the live match report as the game progressed. So no fabricated stories or rude words from me today (perhaps) and over to the love nest of Jack D and Dendy for the report of the day.



As the cold but sunny day grew, as did optimism for the Epsom hockey club.

But then straight from the off; a silly short was conceded (Maj), followed by a sloppy goal. As the first couple of minutes went through, the whites … Had been in control of the game, Epsom hoping to score on the counter attack, for possession was not going our way.

With a few silly turnovers ruining the momentum that had been growing throughout the early stages of the game, it hasn’t really allowed create solid chances or possession, with the whites always looking threatening once the ball hit the 23 yard spot.

With a few good tackles from the back line, the ball wasn’t threatening Ollie in the goal. An unfortunate third short corner led to another goal being conceded, the score now 2-0.

A good response from Epsom with some good possession. Small chances appeared but were unfortunately not finished. Due to good interceptions from the back line we were still in the game!

More chances were created by Epsom but again were unlucky to not score. Since the second goal Epsom have been in control of the game with a majority of possession kept in the opposition half. Clear cut chances for Epsom were seemingly hard to come by with the forwards all camped out on the left. However they applied great pressure down the wings. The Epsom defence were making some goal saving tackles, even Maj seemed to be making some amazing interceptions!!

Once the first two subs had been made, Epsom had seemed to grab a foothold in the game, starting to look like a team who are 2-0 up. With the high pressing, it looked like it is only a matter of time before a goal!

Finally after the first meaningful attack from Epsom they received a well deserved short corner! A great save from the keeper resulting in a long corner!

Whites going into half time with a well deserved 2-0!

As the second half push back went, Epsom already looking more determined in this second half, shown by a early ball from Matt knocked a little to hard for Jamie, but already looking like there’s more intent than the previous half. It must of been something special from Mr “Motivator” Maj.    Editors note – really ?

Ten minutes into the second half nothing really happening for either side. Saying that the whites were unlucky to not score from another short corner!

With the first real attack of the second half, the two Rengger’s linked ending with a fantastic finish from senior! (I would personally like to thank the support of the 4s star players for turning up and creating an amazing atmosphere for the goal –   Editors note – this translates to Dendy has a horn on his car, and like a dogging expert kept pushing it). 

Since the goal, Epsom have been looking more confident and are looking more at home than before. With Epsom pushing for a second, the intent was there with little promise coming from it. With players holding on to the ball for too long and players trying to play through the opposition, there was no real end product.

With a relatively uneventful second half, the game had started to fizzle out. Not much has been created from either side and fatigue was creeping in. Both teams needing something special to break through the oppositions solid defence, it seems like a 2-1 score was set.

The game was up and 2-1 was the final score. Fair score? Maybe.

MOM- Jack Rengger. I believe that Jack personified the teams philosophy; shown when he tracked back to the defensive D and starting an attack.

TFC- I think it would be harsh giving a TFC to any player today as everyone gave their all in a hard fought game.


Cheers, Jack Dowdell and Chris Dendy.