Mens 4’s Smash Trinity 3’s : 9-0

AndrewM Men's 4th xi

Very cold game today, and most earlier games were either called off or played on a friendly basis. The girls 5th 11 before us, had managed to slightly defrost our pitch (and our sincere thanks go to them), and think this was a combination of a friendly game of Hockey vs. Barnes, and also several hair rollers, hair-dryers and other such bedroom appliances being used to defrost the far side.

Trinity with 10 men and bottom of the league, declared we could either accept a 5-0 walkover win and then play our game as a friendly or have to reschedule. So a 5-0 win before we started it was.


Not much to report on, as despite loads of Epsom goals it was a bit 0ne-sided so here goes a brief resume for the record:-

  • Epsom clearly the dominant team and goals galore but spread amongst the team with 5 different players getting on the score sheet, with Alex Scott, Steve Rengger (thought I was playing right back today?), Doug Gordon, Shaun, and Jack Rengger.


Other notable events :-

  • 4 more goals scored by Epsom – think end tally was Doug 3 (but had 13 shots on goal), Shaun 2 (I think), Alex Scott 2, and 2 from the Rengger’s (senior Steve, and junior Jack). Apologies if I missed any goals off the report, but sort of lost count / interest. Could have easily have been 15-0, but 9-0 on the day and 5-0 on fixtures live. O how Trinity 2’s will seek revenge on us next week.
  • Jamie Perkins donated to Trinity for the second half and soon became their best player.


Votes back at the clubhouse :-

  • MoM – Chris Dendy for a solid first proper game for the 4’s
  • TFC – Doug Gordon for not passing, and not coming back to the club to buy his jug of beer
  • And special note to Jamie Perkins who seemed to also win an additional TFC for playing for the wrong team today, but then quite rightly equally winning MoM for being their best player on the pitch.
  • So delighted that our game was played, and to be fair to Trinity, they played well, and score line did no justice to their determination and desire to put up a reasonable fight.