Men’s 5s beat the leader to climb to 2nd

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

Still smarting from last weeks defeat the 5’s turned up at Blenheim with the sun shining down. Carlos introduced everybody and with the usual extensive warm up routine we were off. The teamseemed quietly focused and determined. From the off the defence looked comfortable and in control. Caggers  playing high up the field making some great interceptions and making Leatherhead attack from the half way line. Matt integrated very well at left back and was soon linking up with the defensive sweeps around the back. My role was to mark their Center forward who was my equal in terms of searing pace over 10 meters. Up front Dan slotted in with Carlos and Darren and Chris.

Within minutes Epsom were pressing Leatherhead and after some sustained pressure Darron steered in a cross past the Leatherhead keeper. The goal seemed to reinforce Epsom’s self-belief and was the first sign that the Leatherhead keeper was going to be busy. Sure enough 10 Mins later Carlos lifted a well-controlled ball past the Leatherhead keeper. 2-0 and Epsom were starting to feel and play like a team again Dave Pike (MOM) and Chris White combing well in central midfield to keep the league leaders midfield in check. Grant, Alistair and Nick seemingly with endless energy in wide midfield roles continued to win nearly all 50:50 balls. Five minutes before half time Carlos was in again on goal and made it 3-0.

Half time team talk focused on how to manage Leatherhead given they were younger and had 2 substitutes. We had recognised the danger of a direct attack but still Leatherhead dribbled through the center and then lifted a ball over Adam and it was tucked away at the far post. 3-1. But this was not going to end in defeat and Carlos continued to terrorise the Leatherhead defence with his one handed dribbling. Finally after several missed chances Chris Wardle provided what was effectively the winning goal.  Then there was some slight confusion at the back when I passed directly to their forward hence the match report. Finally with 10 mins to go Leatherhead got a well took consolidation goal but Epsom won out 4-2.

Epsom move up to second in the league with 2 games left before xmas.