Mens 5’s lenghthen unbeaten run

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

And so they went into the gated estate that is St Georges school.  To meet 3rd Place OG’s.Tapping had been required for more important duties and so down to 11.  Luckily OG’s were playing in white so no need for Carlos to decide colours – Maroon it was.

The team was well balanced in age and Carlos had worked out a plan worthy of Alex Ferguson – keep all 11 on the pitch at all times.

From the off Epsom looked at though they wanted it more and within 5 mins Grant opened the scoring for Epsom with a shot into the roof of the net.  OG who are third in the league was then stirred into action and started to apply concerted pressure with Epsom looking to counter on the break.  After 10 minutes OG’s were awarded a short corner and they slotted this home just inside in Epsom’s right post.  Then just before half time Adam, having got over his earlier airshot, put his body on the line and dived towards the left post narrowly missing both it and the goal resulting in slight concussion. The team realised that without Adam they would down to 10 and so Etherington ran (some would say walked quickly) over to provide a few plasters from the first aid kit. No Tapping on the pitch to turn toand so we had to rely an OG’s player who had a quick look at Adam and once the team had confirmed he always looked a bit dazed advised he get up and play on.

1-1 at half time.

Following another inspirational team talk from our leader and some would say more importantly the Smithie Jelly babies the second half started. Immediately OG’s stepped up their attack.  Caggers insisting he was the fastest defender (Matt and Rob watch out!) stuck like a limpet to Draco Malfoy and was more than a match for his magic stick work.  Chris and Adam tracked 149 ( surely a ringer?) and Matt worked tirelessly on the right but out of no where OG’s engineered another short corner. This time a well worked move back to the pusher and the ball rolled into the back of the goal. 2-1 to OG’s.

OG’s then pressed further and was it not for Mike’s outstanding saves (with the occasional assistance form the post) then Epsom would have been out of contention.  Up field Carlos had not given up and in spite of the amorous attention he was receiving from the OG full back he managed at last to wriggle free from his advances and with one of his trademark looping runs from the right with one hand he wobbled into the D and without evening thinking of passing, or getting onto the strong side of his stick he reverse sticked the ball into the OG’s goal.

10 minutes remaining and Epsom closed down the game at the back and emerged 2-2 in what was one of the best matches all season. Big thanks to the Mustangs for their commitment and Frank for umpiring.

MOM – Etherington – no TFC this week due to great team performance