Mens 5’s put 8 past leader to claim top spot

AndrewM Match reports, Mens 5th XI

So the BIG game of the season was lined up. Everyone knew that this was going to be a challenge and importantly a barrier to promotion if we were to loose.  This however this did not deter a team who were fired up and ready to take on the top of the league…all were determined to make it a victory to Epsom.
Following an insightful, motivational talk from the captain, the game was on. Epsom quickly took control and possession of the game. Within the first 5 minutes, it was clear that we were not messing around and were back to our top form that saw us unbeaten in the second half of the season last year.
The first goal of the game came from Dan, putting us up early on.  The opposition clearly knew they had a battle on their hands but when they were able to get into our half, they were unable to even put a dent into our defense. The Epsom back row were looking really good. The passing between defenders and getting the ball up to the midfield was faultless…again back to the true potential of the team. Dave E in particular was having a cracker if a game, not allowing anyone to get passed him.
A further 3x goals were soon to follow, all to Epsom. This saw us go to half time with a 4-0 lead over the league leaders…not bad! The only mishap of the first half in the game was a missed opportunity at the post by me, hence the TFC vote. If we were counting mishaps, it would also need to include a number of short corner errors, which saw our captain struggling to get, hold of the ball in front of him…Anyway.
We knew that the opposition would not just lie down so we needed to keep the momentum up in the 2nd half. This determination saw a further 4x goals awarded to Epsom.
All in all, this was certain display why Epsom should go on to win the league and secure a well-deserved promotion. It is time for the team to take on some new challenges, which will allow us to really play at our best.
Impressive WIN!…well done all.