Mens 6’s outplay the 5’s and score 5

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

What had been probably the most anticipated game of the year turned out to be a reality check for the 5s. Previously the 5s had played some great hockey, and this week were unusually stronger than normal.

It probably all started on Thursday when one of the 6’s told me at training “Our defence for the game on Saturday is quite weak”… yea sure…

The game started on a knifes edge, with many stick tackles and words exchanged. Then, after just 5 or 10 minutes, the 6s scored – celebrating as if it had been the final of the champions league. Were they taking this game way too seriously? Despite the game being played in a friendly fashion, El Zorro (aka Carlos Michelsen) refused to own up to a very obvious foot!

A further goal by the 6d ensued, but the 5s were certainly not out. Mr Breese beautfiully struck a short corner, which was neatly tucked in by Steve at the near post.

At 2-1 things were looking up until Mr Breese decided he did not like how the game was umpired, so he received a green card and selfishly took himself off (We later learned he did this  to protect the team from him being shown a red one!). He disappeared.

Tension was rising and even Darron seemed to lose it when he had a go at El Zorro during a short corner. The half time talk was a tense affair but we regrouped and started the second half convinced that we would do better. And in fact we did. Chris and Steve controlled the midfield and James was always a danger down the left. We looked a threat, so threatening in fact that Adam took out the Club Chairman! But it’s goals that count and some very sloppy defending let in two goals. Despite El Zorro pulling one back, it was not to be, and the game ended 5-2.

Well done to the 6’s, they truly deserved the win. The 5’s will have to regroup and hopefully will have the last word when we play again in the New years.