Promotion in sight for the 5’s.

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

We were all looking forward to Carlos getting TFC for being late when he ruined our expectations by arriving in plenty of time.  This didn’t stop him getting 3 votes for his numerous wild misses in front of goal,  but it was enough to stop him getting TFC.  That honour was awarded to Madge who informed us that Mazza was available to play for us when in fact he was on the other side of the country. While we realise that it is unusual to award TFC to someone who wasn’t  due to play or even at the  pitch this was debated in the club house by a quorum of hockey players  (Breese, Olli and Dan) and passed unanimously.  It also reflected the  fact that no one made any huge bloopers in the game.

So the game – We won 4- 0 MOM was Alistair Cheyne – for a solid performance in the midfield including some crunching tackles and timely clearances in front of the defence. Well done Al.

We started very well – which  is obviously down to the fact we actually warmed up before the game and didn’t concede a goal in the first 5 mins.  Dan was rock solid in the middle of the attack. Carlos spraying the ball everywhere but at the goal.  Things started to look promising when Breesey came on the pitch to replace the Rock, we started to get a lot of movement upfront including an amazing piece of dribbling by Breese which ended up with a short  and strike that produced outstanding save from the keeper.  This was followed shortly by another short and another top draw save.  We than had a very unfortunate accident when the oppositions Left half tried to tackle Breesey from the blind side and proceeded to get hit on the finger and ended up in Casualty with a broken finger.

Anyway next incident was a potential TFC moment when Darron decided that the player in front of him shouldn’t be there and proceed to shove him face first into the astro – even though neither of them had the ball. Cue handbags at 5 paces.  The umpire was fantastic and calmed it down with no cards even after a follow up blast from Darron and several other players. Anyway calming senior heads prevailed and we got on with the game in good spirits.

Then came our gloriously worked Short corner routine – Carlos to Breesey to Carlos to Goal.  Well that’s what should have happened.  It actually went  Carlos – to miles away from Breesey who magically got to the ball under control and who then  pushed it wide to Dan  (not the rock) who drove it to far post for a simple tap in for Olli. 1-0.

At this point Breesey, having done some running, decided his ankle really did hurt after stopping a 16yard hit with it and subbed himself just before half time.

Second half started with Epsom clearly in the ascendant, excellent control in the middle and some great breaks up the park.  We did have a few wobbles from Dave The Marquis Etherington but fortunately Caggers was there to cover his many mistakes. While we talk about Caggers who nearly got MOM  (4 votes) we should mention his superb goal bound reflex deflection that very nearly went in, if it wasn’t for the lightening reactions of the goalie it would have been in the net – unfortunately it was our net.  (Another great save Adam)

Things then started to come together at the other end – The Rock took a great goal after getting the ball at the top of the D, dribbling past the keeper and then slotting it in with a diving reverse hit.  Earning the goal and two very bloody knees.

The midfield of Olli, Dan and Ali were now controlling paly – Nick took a nasty hit to his hand/wrist and struggled on complaining he couldn’t grip his stick – only for the sympathetic supporters to tell him to man up.  Unfortunately  he has actually broken his hand and is going to be out for the rest of the season.  Great credit to Nick for staying on when he must have been in a lot of pain.  We’ll miss him in the middle. With all the ball we were getting it was only a matter of time before goals 3 and 4 went in. Can’t remember who got them but it wasn’t Carlos.

Finally we did get to see a rare sight of the Rock running down the right wing with 3 opposition players around him who seemed to simply bounce off him as he won a free hit. A bit of an irresistible force as well as an immovable object.

In summary a good game no major cock ups, some good team play and another victory.