The 5’s consolidated their position at the top with a 3-1 win over Reigate.

AndrewM Match reports, Mens 5th XI

The 5’s have scored 58 and only let in 16 goals in 15 matches.

To start the game there was a somewhat subdued Carlos (heavy friday night?) explained that we must play our usual game.

We started off poorly and in the first 25 minutes reigate had the better position and play. Upfront reigate used Matt Huggins who had a free transfer earlier in the season. With 20 mins gone Huggins slipped past the right back and fearing a calamity which we would never live down I had no option but to close him down and prevent him getting a shot off. Unfortunately he slipped the ball (never used to do that!) to their center forward who slotted into the corner. 1-0 to reigate.

The 5s then slowly stepped up a gear and started passing the ball around in a more constructive manner and this led to a pass from the right to Grant (Man of the match) who equalised with a well placed shot just before half time. 1-1

The half time team talk led by Chris Breese chastised the midfield for their lack of effort. There was no mention of the incident where he was so busy berating all the other players that he failed to notice the ball being passed to him but that shows the team spirit that has now built up in the 5’s.

The talk worked.

In the second half with a few positional changes. The midfield engine warmed up and Chris W , Dave P, Alistair, Nick and Graham moved up a gear and dominated possession.

Following numerous chances at goal, eventually Carlos put us 2-1 up.

15 mins later the game was sealed by Chris White (who had a very good game) slotting in what was effectively the winner.

At the back we looked composed although there was one incident where yours truly allowed the ball onto his feet which resulted in a short corner -hence the match report. This was swiftly dealt with by new left back Chris M. (Graham had sacrificed his usual slot to bolster the midfield).

So the 5’s are top and have scored 58 goals and only let in 16 in their 15 games. A great team effort.