The 5’s see their ugly side

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

I was somewhat surprised to be awarded TFC (while I wasn’t in the club house) on the grounds that someone told the keeper to “leave it” when the ball was deflected in our D.  How anyone in our team could be mistaken about when I say anything on the pitch is bizarre,  given what a loud mouth I have.  (remember I got TFC last game I played as some of the team were upset that I had the temerity to shout at the midfield and tell them to get back and defend).


Anyway – as Carlos said we played awfully.  Passing was pants,  communication poor – obviously I need to talk more, or even maybe others could do some constructive shouting as well.


Starting at the Back – many thanks to Adam for playing in Goal – none of the goals were his fault, and when needed he organised the defence.  It should be overlooked that he put the kickers and pads on the wrong way round.  J


Moving onto the defence – generally pretty good – Matt Breese deservedly getting MOM for solid defence and good support for the midfield.  The deflected goal was unfortunate regardless of who said “ leave it” –  to be frank if it had been me – the whole of Nonsuch would have heard – as they did on several other occasions when I did shout, “LEAVE IT!!!!!!!”


The two goals from short corners were simply defensive errors.   The shots were well struck to the corners – exactly at the carefully positioned defender on the post – well –  where the defender would have been if he had not moved off the post and left a bloody great gap behind him.


Moving onto the midfield – I was very careful not to shout at the midfield this week in case they got all upset again and  gave me TFC……  Well that didn’t work out so plan C next week.  More seriously, this year the midfield is the best part of our team – We look strong – have lots of commitment and running  (forward anyway  J  ).  On Saturday the midfield dominated the centre,  there were often two Epsom midfielders attacking the ball and probably winning 70%.  Keep it up guys.


Next our forward line.  We were remarkably un-threatening – probably best evidenced by the fact that their keeper spent most of the game sat on his backboard, drinking tea  and dunking rich tea biscuits  to see how long he could keep them in his cup without them breaking off.


We had no width – once the midfield got the ball up to the forwards  it inevitably had to go straight up route one and then the attack normally fizzled out either with us getting tackled,  dribbling it out to the edges and losing it or very occasionally we got it into the D,  where the attack normally fizzled out either with us getting tackled,  dribbling it out to the edges and losing it or very occasionally we got a shot off , which usually missed the target.  We did start to get a bit of traction in the second half when we pushed up really hard and had an extra forward.


We did get 4 short corners – 1 was on target and saved, 2 pulled wide and our only alternative tried-  back to Carlos  – was cut out.  Pretty pants even if I say so myself  (seeing as I should be hitting much better).


Going forward we need to build on the hard work being put in by the midfield and use the balls they provide.  This  needs better understanding between the forwards and midfield   – which can only be achieved by playing more hockey together and  perhaps turning up at training.  Our attendance on Thursday evening is pants.  I know some people do come,  and that other simply cant make it due to other commitments.  (If anyone is not coming on Thursdays because  I might shout at them please be assured I am an absolute pussy cat at training).


If we get enough of the team together  on Thursday we can work at a few more short corner routines – Majid can vouch for the benefit this has brought to the 4’s team.


I always like to end on a positive note – at least next week is going to better.