5s fighting spirit still strong

AndrewM Mens 5th XI

Well it was a lovely sunny day at St. Bede’s School and after an extensive warm up and reshuffle of our team, we started. Not much to say about the first half as the defence decided to have a relexing start to the season and leave the ball for the other team. Reigate Priory Abbotts capitalised on this and took an early lead, even lobbing the keeper!!! Then after some more communication between Dave, Caggers and Graham they start to work together. There were a couple of attempt on Reigate’s goal but no luck.
The second half started with a hand full jelly babies and an optimism. The team started to work well and started to understanding the new rules ish.
Carlos did a dashing run down the middle with a one on one with the keeper, I think another player had sprinted to give him another option but not needed, Carlos placed it between the keepers legs and this started the come back. 
The next goal involved some great passing between Dave and Darron and then me. I drove towards the goal dragging a defender and keeper out and with a slip under my arm, taking out both players, Carlos finished an easy tap in.
The next goal was from a short corner, I’ll give you a clue to the player that won the corner, me. As this was probably our 5th short corner of the game, Reigates defence had no idea what was going to happen. It was a drag flick that almost split the net and I think mentally did the most damage, to Darron.
It was now all to play for, both teams had some great attempts on goal. Adam H did some great moves down the right linking up with the other attackers. It was only time before another goal came. Unfortunately it was a Reigate who scored to put them back in the lead. It seemed to be against the run of play as Graham had decided to be everywhere in defence and Adam S even pulled off a few good saves. But Epsom didn’t want to stop the run of great results and Darron smashed the ball from the top of the D into the bottom corner leaving the result to 4-4. Some say a fair result, others say if only the centre forward put more effort in and ran, the result could have been better, but a good positive start to the season.
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