300 Club

As we grow and develop Epsom Hockey Club, a great way to support is to join our new 300 Club as well as having a chance to win the lottery! Funds from the 300 Club will be used to pay out monthly cash amounts and go towards funding essential items for our new clubhouse and junior development at the club. You can setup a monthly £10 standing order to take part. Each £10 contribution buys one membership number (issued to you personally on receipt of your first payment) which enters you into a monthly draw.

The prizes and the winners will be announced monthly via Teamo. Please note all participants must be age 16 or over. Winners will be notified monthly and payments made directly to your bank account. Prize money comes from 25% of the monthly amount received e.g. if 100 people enter, creating £1000, £250 will be awarded of £125, £75 and £50 each month. The remaining £750 will go to the Club to aid junior development and purchase necessary items for our new clubhouse.

As we look to the future we want to build up to 300 entries per month hence the name. To enter either simply set up a standing order for £10 per month or £120 annually

Payee: Epsom HC 300 Club
Account number: 51808762
Sort code: 23-05-80
Reference (300, first name last name)

For any queries regarding the 300 club please contact stuartaldrich@hotmail.co.uk

Join our 300 club today and you could be our next winner!