Club Honours

Epsom Hockey Club has a proud history and a vision for a successful future. The hockey section is part of Epsom Sports Club which also includes cricket, tennis/padel, croquet and bridge sections.

Included in the Club honours listed below are the Sports Club Presidents,  Vice Presidents and Chairpersons of the Hockey Club. We list the first eleven captains and highlight the Club Awards. In addition, learn about the Club’s success in the England Hockey National Trophy competitions. Have a read through, see how many names you recognise (apologies for any omissions)! Interested in the history of hockey? Learn more about the Hockey Museum below.


1922-29  Rt. Hon. the Earl of Rosebery 1991-00 Sir Arthur Hoole
1929-42 Sir Arthur Glyn BT, JP 2000-03 Vera Angus
1942-63 Captain E.E. Schnadhorst 2003-15  Arthur Wadsworth
1963-86 Wilfrid Waters 2015-16 Sheila Wadsworth
1986-91 Eric Katz, OBE  2016-     Peter Chapman MBE


An honour bestowed on an individual by the section Committee for those members that have given time and energy to help progress Epsom Hockey Club. Current Vice Presidents, in alphabetical order are as follows:

Jack Aboe Roger McDaniel
Chris AllcockBob Middlemiss
Peter AtkinsonIan Montgomery
Mike BarnettMike Mulligan
Richard BlighAngela Piercy
Jackie Bradford-TurnerSusie Redshaw
Peter Chapman MBEDennis Smith
Rod CheyneMark Sydenham
Tim CollettTim Tennent
Patrick GabbettChris Titman
Bob GillMike Turner
Mike GrangerSheila Wadsworth
Paul KingAndy White
Liz LewzeySarah White
Tony MatharuPenny Woods


The Chairperson heads up the General Committee overseeing all hockey section matters for the senior section and represents its members as part of Epsom Sports Club. An honourable volunteer role.

1930-31         Frank Woods  1968-71         Richard Smith
1931-32         Ralph Trower 1971-74         Mike Turner 
1932-33         J. Strudwick1974-80         Richard Bligh
1933-34         Norman Birks  1980-83         Peter Chapman MBE
1934-36         V. Samuelson1983-86         Bill Butler
1936-38         Iliff Harding 1986-94         Jack Aboe
1938-39         Roy Price1994-03         Mark Sydenham 
1939-47         N/A 2003-08         Julia Gill
1947-49         Norman Down2008-10         Sarah White
1949-51         Norman Birks  2010-13         Paul King
1954-58         Eric Taylor  2013-18         Ian Morrish
1958-65         Dr. Austen Samuel2018-22         Penny Woods
1965-68         Dennis Smith2022- Natalia Anda

A cherished trophy, which is presented at the Annual General Meeting each year, is the Chairman’s Cup for Endeavour. It was initiated by Richard Smith in 1970, when he was Chairman, and it is awarded to the Club member deemed to be the most deserving during the season, on or off the field of play. Past winners have been:

1969-70         Richard Bligh
1970-71         Peter Chapman
1971-72         Michael Granger
1972-73         Tim Collett
1973-74         ???
1974-75         ???
1975-76         ???
1976-77         Chris Cuttwell
1977-78         Mike Mulligan
1978-79         Julia Gill
1979-80         Bob Gill
1980-81         Tim Ablett
1981-82         Tony Hennell
1982-83         Brian Plumtree & Philippa House
1983-84         Tina Kearsley
1984-85         Bob Gill
1985-86         Peter & Susie Redshaw
1986-87         Mike Harrap
1987-88         Liz Lewzey
1988-89         Geoff Nash
1989-90         Arthur & Sheila Wadsworth
1990-91         Carlo Guerrini
1991-92         Tim Collett
1992-93         Bob Gill
1993-94         Peter Redshaw
1994-95         Rod Cheyne
1995-96         Liz Lewzey & Sarah White
1996-97         Ron Vaz
1997-98         Samantha Towers
1998-99         Ian Morrish
1999-00         Paul Barr
2000-01         Penny Woods
2001-02         Andy Wilkie & Phil Chapman
2002-03         Derek Smith & Catherine Taylor
2003-04         Mark Sydenham
2004-05         C Rochford
2005-06         Andy White
2006-07         Bob Gill
2007-08         Nanette Peacock
2008-09         Drew Russell
2009-10         Claire Hugo
2010-11         Carlos Michelsen
2011-12         Mark Sydenham & Richard Skinner
2012-13         Andy White
2013-14         Neil Sunderland
2014-15         Sarah White
2015-16         Chris Breese
2016-17         Liz Lewzey
2017-18         Claire Smith                                                                              
2018-19         Emma Dale   
2019-20         Simon Everest
2020-21 Ali Murrell
2021-22 Andy White
2022-23 Sarah Wight                                                                                   

Initiated in memory of George Hewins in 1996, the recipient is selected by the Hockey Club Committee and is given to someone who simply makes a difference over the course of a season or seasons.

1996-97         Arthur & Sheila Wadsworth
1997-98         Sarah White
1998-99         Mary McAllister
1999-00         John Avery
2000-01         Mark Jones
2001-02         Nanette Webb
2002-03         Liz Lewzey
2003-04         Martin Wales
2004-05         Richard Wilson
2005-06         Torben Andersen
2006-07         Russell Tebay
2007-08         Mark McCagney
2008-09         Andy White
2009-10         Tim Tennent
2010-11         Laura Penrose
2011-12         Andrew McNamee
2012-13         Andy White
2013-14         Mark McCagney
2014-15         Peter Atkinson
2015-16         Mark Sydenham
2016-17         Patrick Gabbett
2017-18         Graham Smith
2018-19         Tim Tennent
2019-20         Ed Pittam
2022-23 Torben Andersen

1957-58         Shirley Maltwood
1958-60         Sue Johns
1960-62         Shirley Wallers
1962-65         Sue Soar
1965-68         Sue Smith
1968-69         Gillian Chesterman
1969-71         Prim Harris
1971-72         Anna Magoris
1972-73         Christine Farrier
1973-74         Pam Slater
1974-76         Jackie Goodman
1976-78         Judi Downs
1978-80         Julia Gill
1980-82         Caroline Rockell
1982-83         Sally Barrett
1983-85         Jackie Goodman
1985-87         Penny Plato
1987-89         Jenny Stebbing
1989-90         Rowan Cookson
1990-92         Liz Lewzey
1992-93         Deleece Green
1993-97         Sarah White
1997-00         Sarah Wales
2000-01         Penny Woods
2001-02         Mia Antoni
2002-03         Heather Hicks
2003-04         Sarah White
2004-05         Laura Fradgley
2005-08         Charlie Stainer
2008-09         Penny Woods
2009-10         Laura Fradgley
2010-12         Becky Harris
2012-15         Claire Hugo
2015-18         Rachel Hargrave
2018-22         Jude King
2022-23 Eloise Ballard
2023- Claire McNamee

1922-30         Ralph Trower
1930-31         J.D. Rowe
1931-33         Ralph Trower
1933-36         Jim Chandler
1936-38         G. Archer
1938-39         Dennis Fox-Male
1939-47         N/A
1947-48         Dennis Fox-Male
1948-54         Keith Harding
1954-55         Mike Morton
1955-56         Larry O’Reilly
1956-60         Tony Platt
1960-62         Dennis Smith
1962-65         Richard Merrett
1965-67         Geoff Smith
1967-68         Robin Weare
1968-71         Peter Chapman
1971-72         Mike Tong
1972-75         Ken Marsh
1975-78         Mike Mulligan
1978-82         Bob Gill
1982-83         Jack Aboe
1983-85         Bob Gill
1985-86         Gary Dowsett
1986-87         Roy Grafton
1987-92         Mark Sydenham
1992-94         Mike Allcock
1994-97         Chris Allcock
1997-98         Mark Leopold
1998-00         Chris Allcock
2000-02         James Harris
2002-03         Paul Atkinson
2003-05         Matt Heal
2005-06         Dave Civil
2006-07         Martin Wales
2007-09         Gary Scott
2009-10         Rob Tong
2010-16         James Midmer
2016-18         Ed Burton-Brown
2019-21         James Harris
2021- 22        Jack Marfleet
2022- Jake Davies

Donated by Sarah White, Ladies First XI Captain from 1993-1997 and again from 2003-2004, it was first awarded in 2009. It is presented at the Annual General Meeting to a captain who has made an outstanding contribution to the club throughout the course of the season.

1997-98         Chris Gamber (M3s)
1998-99         Chris Allcock (M1s)
1999-00         Sharon Littler (L3s)
2000-01         Andy White (M2s)
2001-02         Mia Antoni (L1s)
2002-03         Paula Cox (L5s)
2003-04         Catherine Nicholls (L2s)
2004-05         Kate Duffy (L6s)
2005-06         Earl Peacock (M2s)
2006-07         Lindsay Issetts
2007-08         Tim Tennent (Vagabonds)
2008-09         Laura Penrose (L2s)
2009-10         Rob Tong (M1s)
2010-11         Jimmy Midmer (M1s) & Becky Harris (L1s)
2011-12         Paul King
2012-13         Mark Hutton (M4s)
2013-14         Claire Smith (L5s)
2014-15         Carlos Michelsen (M6s)
2015-16         Penny Woods (LO35s)
2016-17         Majid Azam (M4s)
2017-18         Nakita Beale (L6s)
2018-19         Chris Pye (M5s)
2019-20         Martin Wales (Embers)
2022-23 Duncan Holmes (M3s)

In 1981 Mike Doughty, General Secretary of Epsom Sports Club and a former Great Britain hockey player, presented the Club with a trophy to be awarded each season to the team with the best playing record. Since its inauguration the winners have been as follows:

1980-81         Men’s 1st XI
1981-82         Vagabonds
1982-83         Vagabonds
1983-84         Ladies 3rd XI
1984-85         Men’s 3rd XI
1985-86         Ladies 3rd XI
1986-87         Ladies 2nd XI
1987-88         Ladies 1st XI
1988-89         Ladies 1st XI
1989-90         Ladies 1st XI
1990-91         Vagabonds
1991-92         Ladies 1st XI
1992-93         Men’s 1st XI
1993-94         Vagabonds
1994-95         Ladies 2nd XI
1995-96         Vagabonds
1996-97         Men’s 2nd XI
1997-98         Ladies 3rd XI
1998-99         Ladies 3rd XI
1999-00         Ladies 3rd XI
2000-01         Men’s 2nd XI
2001-02         Ladies 1st XI
2002-03         Ladies 5th XI
2003-04         Ladies 4th XI
2004-05         Men’s 1st XI
2005-06         Ladies 1st XI
2006-07         Men’s 1st XI
2007-08         Ladies 1st XI
2008-09         Ladies 2nd XI
2009-10         Men’s 1st XI
2010-11         Vagabonds
2011-12         Men’s 6th XI
2012-13         Ladies 5th XI
2013-14         Ladies 5th XI and Men’s 6th XI
2014-15         Men’s 5th XI
2015-16         Embers
2016-17         Embers
2017-18         Ladies 6th XI
2018-19         Vagabonds
2019-20         Old School
2022-23 Ladies 5th XI

In 1978 Peter Chapman, then Club captain and 1st XI captain from 1968-1971, donated two trophies; a tankard and a vase. Known as the Peter Chapman Awards, they are presented at the AGM to the most improved young male and female players of the year. The awards have been presented to the following members:

                        MEN                                       LADIES
1978-79         Neil Piercey                          Julie Field
1979-80         R. Henderson                       Penny Plato
1980-81         Mark Sydenham                  Caroline Rockell
1981-82         Steve Hawkes                      R. Julia
1982-83         Seamus Cowman                Hilary Blackshaw
1983-84         Neil Mcfarlane                    Sue Elrick
1984-85         Neil Wotton                         Anne Turner
1985-86         Gary Corcoran                    Sue Fowler
1986-87         Mark Saunders-Griffiths     Vicki Holgate
1987-88         Grant Freeman                     Kim Hawson
1988-89         Mike Worsfold                      Karen Campbell
1989-90         Gerrard Moore                     Penny Woods
1990-91         James Collett                         Annick Brandby-Zachary
1991-92         Andy Fisher                          Sarah Coan
1992-93         David Bathgate                    Laura McQuade
1993-94         Ian Morrish                          Sam Towers
1994-95         Andy White                          Paula Whithey
1995-96         Chris Green                          Frances Harrison
1996-97         Paul Atkinson                       Suzie Pittman
1997-98         Kai Smith                               Lesley Crowther
1998-99         James Russell                        Emma Smith
1999-00         James Harris                         Becky Farmer
2000-01         Andy Livingstone                 Jessica Drew
2001-02         Matt Brown                           Rebecca Taylor
2002-03         Gerard Thompson               Zoe Johnson-Murrell
2003-04         David Civil                            Rachel Ellis
2004-05         Russell Tebay                       Claudia Stanford
2005-06         Russell Tebay                       Claudia Stanford
2006-07         Colin Savage                         Claire Hugo
2007-08         Asam Mohammed               Elle Francis
2008-09         Jonathan Sharp                   Alison Lawther
2009-10        Oli Onions                             Katie Sevenoaks
2010-11         Ryan Kavanagh                   Gemma Tredwell
2011-12         Josh Glasford                       Levi Cook
2012-13         Tom Evans                           Abigail Skinner
2013-14         Tom Evans                           Hannah White & Caitlin Penn
2014-15         Jo Lazell                               Melanie Hyde
2015-16         Tom Smith                           Eloise Ballard
2016-17         Will Harding                        Nakita Beal
2017-18         Will Hunt                             Kirsty Cast
2018-19         Josh Harris                          Abby Dopson
2019-20         Scott White                          Asha Thomas
2021-22 Ben Harris Katie
2022-23 Ewan Morgan Rachel Crook

The Silver Stick Award was initiated and donated by Jack Aboe in 1996. Jack was first team captain in 1982-83 and Chairman of the Hockey Section from 1986-94. His Award is presented at the Hockey Annual General Meeting to the player who has scored the most goals during the season.

1995-96         Richard Skinner
1996-97         Richard Skinner
1997-98         Katrina Rahilly
1998-99         Katrina Rahilly
1999-00         Katrina Rahilly
2000-01         Bob Saxon
2001-02         Bob Saxon
2002-03         Bob Saxon
2003-04         Bob Saxon
2004-05         Richard Skinner
2005-06         Chris Breese
2006-07         Gary Scott
2007-08         Gary Scott
2008-09         Clive Grierson (36)
2009-10         Alistair Surycz (30)
2010-11         Carlos Michelsen (28)
2011-12         Adam Kerven (31)
2012-13         Adam Kerven (29)
2013-14         Adam Kerven (32)
2014-15         Carlos Michelsen (36)
2015-16         Paula Winsor (35)
2016-17         Matt Heal (33)
2017-18         Carlos Michelsen & Jimmy Midmer (25)
2018-19         Richard Milbourn (28)
2019-20        Carlos Michelsen (49)
2022-23 Jake Davies (20)

Donated by a young Australian goalkeeper that we had at the Club for a season, this is awarded to any goalkeeper in the Club that is improving and contributing to the game and the Hockey Club.

2012-13         George Kokkinos
2013-14         James Tuck
2014-15         Vicki Prigg
2015-16         Adam Sydenham
2016-17         Cameron Mason-Apps
2017-18         Ed Pittam
2018-19         Sarah ‘Swight’ Wight
2019-20         Colin ‘Sav’ Savage
2021-22 Millie Hawes
2022-23 Emma Williams

Awarded in memory of Julia Gill, a national league standard umpire, Chairperson of the club from 2003-2008 and a long and loyal Epsom HC member, sadly taken too early. Her husband Bob Gill, first team captain from 1983-85, and a long and respected member of the Club, donated the trophy in her memory to recognise those that give their time to enable other to play the great game that hockey is.

2012-13         Tim Collett
2013-14         Tim Tennent
2014-15         Frank Marshall
2015-16         Chris Titman
2016-17         Suzie Pittman
2017-18         Torben Andersen
2018-19         Chris Gamber
2019-20        Tom Coonan
2022-23 Tim Collett & Tim Tennent

Long overdue, the Club introduced a ‘volunteer of the year’ award in recognition of the amazing people who help keep the Club running by giving up their time for the greater good. First presented in 2019-20.

2019-20          Lisa Jalland
2021-22 Rob Pringle
2022-23 Martin Wales

Part of the EHA (English Hockey Association) competition structure, and played for annually, Epsom HC has won the following national titles; the 2015-16 season being one of our most successful to date with all three of our masters teams winning their competitions!

1998-99         HA Trophy Winners – Men’s 1st XI (beat Worthing 4-0)
2015-16         HA Trophy Winners – Ladies O35s (beat Jersey 1-0)
2015-16         HA Trophy Winners – Men’s O40s (beat Purley 2-1)
2015-16         HA Trophy Winners – Men’s O50s (beat Ipswich 3-2)
2016-17         HA Trophy Winners – Men’s O40s (beat Khalsa 3-1)
2018-19         HA Tier 3 Winners – Ladies O35s (beat Oxford Hawks 5-0)
2021-22 HA Tier 1 Runners Up – Ladies O45s (lost 2-1 to Timperley)
2021-22 HA Tier 2 Winners – Ladies O35s (beat Liverpool Sefton 3-1)
2021-22 HA Tier 2 Winners – Men’s O40s (beat Didsbury Northern 2-1)
2022-23 HA Tier 1 Runners Up – Men’s O50s (lost to Reading)
2022-23 HA Tier 2 Winners – Men’s O60s (beat Trojans 1-0)

History of Hockey

The sport of hockey has a rich history, especially in the UK. The Hockey Museum (opens in new tab) is located just down the road in Woking and is open to the public. It aims to preserve, share and celebrate the rich history of the sport of hockey both in the UK and around the world.

Home to a growing collection of hockey archives it’s worth a trip. We can all help contribute to the collection of memorabilia and creation of a world-class museum by supporting the cause. Further details are on their website and the Hockey Museum is active on social media channels.